• Pumping down the material
  • 7,5KW electric motor
  • Delivery rate up to 10m³/h
  • Type of conveying screw “Red Fire”

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The small floating screed machine is suited for pumping floating screed material. It is driv en by a 7,5 kW engine. It can be connected to every power distribution on construction sites providing a 400 volts/16 or 32 ampere socket.
The FLUID MINI PUMP is of interest for composition floor la yers who are not permanently working on big projects. The machine covers a pumping distance of 100 m and supplies a conv eying capacity of up to 10 m³/h.


All advantages in a nutshell: no maintenance, no costs for diesel fuel, no brak e. Towing only requires a driving license for passenger cars. Large opening for easy cleaning, sturdy piv oting grid.


Addtional equipment:

  • Vibrator for the strainer
  • Manometer in the pressure joint
  • Special paintings
  • Customer labelling


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